Self-belief + Success

Hello readers! It’s been so long since I’ve written on this site that I almost don’t know where to begin.

The last 12-18 months have been the busiest time of my life. Between working on my career goals and using what time I have left to work on my own personal development, I’ve been really short on time to post on here.

But the other day I remembered Frankly Fahmida when I read through a few of my old posts. And that’s when I realised how much has changed in my life over the last two years in particular.

The success I have achieved in my business/career and the contentment I’ve found (and am continuously working to find) in my personal life is one that hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst friends and acquaintances.

Success is a topic that I’m often asked about, usually by those I know who have an idea, want to make a leap and attain success.

Over the last few years I’ve made some changes in my life which I think, have made all the difference in attaining a modest degree of success in my life. By adopting healthier habits, I have for the most part been able to enjoy peace of mind which has allowed me to focus my energy on my career and the personal development of my mind and self.

Ah, now there’s the word I want to speak about: energy.

The biggest change I have made in my life has been in being incredibly intentional with the energy that I allow myself to be around. Because, simply put – I don’t think it’s healthy to have many people have access to you. And you’re allowed to be picky with who you want to allow access to your space.

I’m very mindful of what I consume with my eyes and ears because energetically, what you’re around and more specifically who you’re around (and therefore – as a by-product – the energy that you are around), can either have an incredibly positive impact on your mind or…on the contrary, drain you to the core.

And as someone who’s been there and felt that, let me tell you – that drained feeling? Oh, it’s shit.

But having left a draining and horrible relationship a few years ago, I’ve committed the last three years to working hard at focusing on only being around positive energy.

And believe me when I tell you readers, that your whole life can do a 180 and feel so much better when you practise healthier habits – including being very intentional with what type of energy you allow in your space. And that affects your success.

The business success I’ve had didn’t just happen because I woke up one day and decided to start a business. Before I began my business, I put aside a good 12 months plus where I focussed on self-development. I reflected. I worked on cultivating a more positive mindset and developed a greater sense of self-worth.

As a by-product of that, I became selective with the company I wanted to be around, deliberately choosing to only engage with and allow into my space positive people who not only believed in me but most importantly valued me.

Being around positive energy is so important when you’re about to launch a business for the simple fact that before a business is a business, it’s an idea. And ideas can be fragile.

If met with doubt and discouragement, your otherwise excellent idea may never come to fruition and develop its true potential for the simple fact that your ideas were not nurtured by those around you.

The good news is that when you recognise your sense of worth – which comes with time and experience – you’ll naturally find that you’ve gotten rid of bad company and bad energy, giving you the room to cultivate a much more positive and inspiring mindset.

And that, for what it’s worth, makes all the difference.

So in short: that’s how I did it. That’s how I have attained a modest degree of success and what has inspired so much change in my life.

Self belief, good energy and a high perception of self precipitates and sets the foundation for everything else that you do or may attract in your life. It did for me and it can for you too. The seeds of success start to grow in a healthy mind before they manifest materially in anything else that you do.

So for anyone reading this, I can’t quite stress enough how important it is to take the time to pay attention to and focus on the energy you’re allowing into your (mind) space.

On Taking A Risk:

Also, on the topic of businesses or indeed taking a risk and trying something new, whether that’s starting a business or for instance deciding to take your social media content creation more seriously (- my best friend’s going to read this and yes, I’m definitely speaking about you…make the YouTube channel pls, I’m ready to see you shine! -), fuck what other people think.

To do anything in life, to a certain extent you have to stop caring what anyone else might think of your or your endeavours.

That’s the second thing I did.

I did not give a – excuse my language – fuck of what anyone else thought of me. I didn’t obsess over the ‘what is x, y and z’ going to think of me’. Getting to that stage of not caring can be difficult though. In all honesty, I’m not 100% sure exactly what I did to arrive at the state of not giving a fuck what others think of me, I just know that I’m there and have been for a while now.

Ultimately readers, success is subjective. That is to say, success has a different meaning to everyone. And everyone has a different journey to attaining success. My own, though it may from the outside-in have appeared easy to some, was truthfully, very challenging to say the least.

One thing I know for certain though, is that I was in a chapter of my life where I was about to leave what I, in my gut knew no longer served me. And inside? It felt scary. But I acted on my faith, moved with positivity and it carried me far.

And I’ve no doubt it will for you too.

For my readers with a vision, big dreams and goals that you want to achieve, I’m wishing you positivity. That is to say I’m wishing you: a healthy mindset, strong circle or even person who you can bounce off -who values your thoughts and ideas and motivates you to be great.

The universe is a wild place: do the work, think positive thoughts and put positivity out into the world for so long that it’s only a matter of time before it comes right back to you.

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