(P)update…and a photo dump?!

Hello readers!

I hope we’re all doing well and living our best lives. Football did not come home this weekend but I have!

I’m back on my site after a three-month long hiatus and I’m here with exciting news! Since the last time I wrote on my blog, I have founded my own business, Paw Pal Yoga.

That’s right – I’ll be opening the doors to London’s most adorable yoga classes in a matter of weeks and well…you know what they say right readers?

(No we don’t Fahmida – we can’t read minds)…

…They say that ‘Every dog has it’s day’. And I’m here for it readers!

And I want for you to be too – to all the animal-lovers and yoga-lovers amongst my readers and followers, this is your chance to join one of my one-hour yoga classes at one of our secret Central-London locations.

Our sessions are led by fully qualified and experienced yoga instructors – my team are nothing short of brilliant, if I do say so myself (and I do: they’re BRILLIANT!).

And our Paw-Pals: puppies, kittens and bunnies, aged just 6 – 12 weeks…well, I’ll let them speak for themselves! (Okay, so they can’t quite talk – but they’ll be sure to give you face-licks, hearty meows and you might discover the bunnies have even left you a special present on your laps after they hop off to play with (and shit on) our other attendees 😂)!

For those of you who would like to join a class, you can find out more info on our classes and ethos at http://www.pawpalyoga.co.uk or alternatively, stay updated by following @pawpalyoga on Instagram and TikTok. (I’m currently still building the site and I’m trying to make it as user-friendly as possible, so if you feel that things are missing or you have feedback, leave a comment below because I am all ears).

Never let it be said that I don’t put my readers on 🤷‍♀️ (I want the best for you and this – these puppy snuggles – they’re the best)!

Those of you who know me personally will already know just how much I adore animals. I’ve been at photoshoots this last month having to remind myself not to squeal with excitement. (It hasn’t been working…I see a floofyyy doggo and lose all sense of cool). But it’s nice because everyone I’ve worked with so far are just as excited, if not more excited than myself to see the pets!

Overall, the last few months have been both a busy and happy time in my life.

New business aside, I sat a Law exam (and passed with flying colours!), got back last week from doing some hiking in Scotland again (God, Edinburgh outside of lockdown is gorgeous) and have also been busy with wedding preparations for my brother’s wedding. And a few weeks ago, I watched my brother marry his partner and the C’s got to welcome a beautiful new addition to our family.

In general, I feel like at the moment, time is flying. We are seven months into 2021 and next week I’m about to complete another orbit around the Sun…which is waffle for: I’m growing.

I’ve chosen the word ‘growing’ as opposed to the words ‘getting older’ because I appreciate the growth that comes naturally with age and the fact that you do better as you grow.

In fact, I think personal growth has very much been the theme for 23. With that growth has come introspection, a clear shift in my priorities, an additional value that I place on my time, and learning.

I’ve learnt a lot it turns out – ’23 Lessons in 23 Years’ in fact – which I penned this time last year. I can’t remember why but I didn’t end up publishing that post. So whilst I take time to discover what 24 is all about, I’ll let you into ’23 Lessons (I Learnt) in 23 Years’.

That’s going to be the next blog. (It was written last year so it’ll be somewhere in the middle of my posts from 2020 but when I publish it, I’ll pin it to the top to save you all from scrolling. If it’s not at the top, it hasn’t yet been published).

First though, here’s a little photo-dump from the last few months:

May 2021 – This looks rather an insignificant photo but this is where Paw Pal Yoga started. After weeks of planning my business structure, it was at Photoshoot 1 that I first thought to myself ‘It’s happening!’
Look cute AND STEAL YOUR HEART? Absolutely. Dinky understood the assignment, His sister however did not…(see next picture)
God, I said I’d never show anyone this picture because what type of shit advertising even loool. The antithesis of zen – she looks RATTLED here. (I don’t even know why – I promise you she was having the best time running about playing with her toys in the studio)
June 2021: At some point around June, I decided brown was the new black and booked myself in to dye my hair. (It’s ashy-blonde at the time of writing and I miss the brown already 😭)
June 2021: Same angel-face, different coloured mane
June 2021: Two re-schedules later (thank you Miss Corona), my brother married his wife and finally had his special day! What a proud little-sister moment this was!
July 2021: Reporting live and direct from the wedding, I can confirm: the vibes were immaculate
June 2021: We had a ‘Welcome To The Family’ party for my sister-in-law which turned into a ‘Fahmida vs Balloon Arch’ situation. In the end, the balloon arch won 😠
July 2021: With Paw Pal Yoga formed and my brother’s wedding over, I went to Scotland for a week. Every night I’d take the most scenic hike and stop mid-hike to watch the sun setting. The sun would set very, very late over there and this video was taken close to 11pm.
July 2021: But before any hikes, we’d start our mornings off with a hearty breakfast. They say ‘When in Rome’ and I wish they didn’t because one morning, I took this saying as my cue to try some haggis. And the haggis…well the haggis was not nice. Not bloody nice at all.
July 2021: Apparently the last time I was in Edinburgh, I didn’t hike all the way to the top of Arthur’s Seat. This time round, I almost died hiking my way to the top (…let’s put it down to poor footwear). Here’s a nice candid picture of my brother, because I sure as hell was looking anything but nice by the time I joined him at the top.
July 2021: No break is complete without looking at some art. This sign told me there was an art gallery nearby and well, who am I to ignore signs from the Universe?
July 2021: Inside, I found Donatello’s St George and even he got the memo: Mask up, there’s still ‘rona in the air

And that last photo brings us to the end of this post and my mini-photo dump.

Update – 28/08/21: I don’t know when I’ll be back to discuss Paw Pal Yoga so I thought I’d come back and bless you all with a few photos of some gorgeous pups – you can thank me later!

Did somebody say Puppy Yoga? I did! It was me – I said it.

I did it too…I did some Paw Pal Yoga, And so did our ever-growing community of animal and yoga-lovers! God, we love it here!
I open the doors, have my pups greet you and my peopleee, boy do you love to scream! And I too – I WANT TO SHRIEK FROM JOY!!!
These are your Paw-Pals, this is not a dream and if you’re feeling like you might collapse from happiness, we have pups on stand-by to lick your face and wake you up again!
We have kitten Paw-Pals too!
If you can spot The Gherkin in the background, that’s because we’re based in the heart of Central London, just minutes away from all of your favourites. Fancy some lunch after some Paw-Pal’ing? We’ve got The Shard next door!
We work with pretty big litters and really and truly I should love each Paw-Pal equally but between you and I readers, this little floofster is my favourite and he stole my WHOLE HEART

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