A Note to My Readers

For those of my readers who check this blog regularly, you will note that some pieces are suddenly emerging onto the site, almost out of nowhere. And when you go to check the date, a few of my pieces will have dates from a while back. 

“But I check your site regularly – they weren’t here before! What is this wizardry, Fahmida?”.

No wizardry here. Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you.

Your vision isn’t blurry either. It’s 20/20.

It’s 2020 and life has come at me fast this year. In late 2019, I secured a role which helped me realise my potential. I have since been extremely focused on my career and a few of my goals outside of blogging. 

While we went into lockdown, it dawned on me too, that life is temporary. You’re here one minute, gone the next. With this in mind, I have also been giving a lot of my time to my loved family members and friends.

In short: my life has been busy.

But in the rare few quiet moments I got to myself, I was writing my blog pieces.

I’ve been writing throughout the year (and that’s why some pieces have dates from a while back – the date that is detailed in my blog pieces reflect the date that they were written). 

I had my pieces saved as drafts and decided to hit publish this week.

“Why’s that? Why publish now, Fahmida”?

Well, I just wanted to hop off the grid for a few months. That is to say, not publish current pieces on this website or share my life on socials. I’ve been enjoying life off-line for a while now. It’s a peaceful life, I love it here! 

As of this week however, the new pieces on this blog will be current. The focus now, certainly where my website is concerned, is to enjoy writing more consistently and currently.

I hope my readers enjoy my pieces and all that is to come!

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