Mid-Year Goals

We’re six months into the year and living in “unprecedented times”. The latter being a fact of life that I am reminded of by Sky News, on a daily basis, because my Dad insists on having the news on in the background for what seems to be every waking hour of the day.

I miss precedented times man. 

It’s taken some getting used to working at home. How do you do that? (No, really. How do you do that)? I sit and vibe to music for longer than I should be…which is zero minutes Fahmida. You’re meant to be working, woman!

I’m finding it odd that I am not physically attending the Courts or going into the office. But I’m reminding myself that this is okay. Because I know when one is taken out of their normal routine, it’s easy to lose focus and for time to pass by. 

That being said, yesterday I was texting my friend and it dawned on me that we are already half-way into the year. So I text my friend the following:

Manifestation, is that you?

While it’s all good and well wanting to conquer the world and achieve all of  our big and bold dreams, on a more practical level, re-focusing and attaining our bigger goals, I realise, begins with smaller conscious actions that form habits.

These habits help one self-improve. So, six months into the year, I have compiled a small list of five goals I’ll be working on in hopes of self-improving.

Goal No. 1: Drink more water

No really, Fahmida. Drink more water. Throw a sliced lemon in there and make it look fancy if it means you’ll drink more water.

Goal No. 2: Work on your hobbies

They say the secret to fulfilment is to have three hobbies that you love. One to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative.

I’m good when it comes to the first two. I tried to pursue the third (creative) hobby right before we went into lockdown – I started drama classes. Now that we’re in lockdown and those lessons have been brought to a halt, I’ve started a new creative endeavour; I’ve begun writing poetry for the first time in my life. 

This is a reminder to myself to keep at it and start the drama classes again when lockdown is over.

Goal No. 3: Read 50 books by February 2021

I used to be a big reader, now not so much. Life gets busy and I don’t get as much to read as I’d like. But 50 books by February is realistic – it’s do-able. I also have an interview coming up in February 2021 and will I flex during that interview the relevant books I’ve read in prep? Oh, absolutely.

Goal No. 4: Check in on loved ones

In the months before lockdown started, I was hard to get a hold of. I wasn’t one for checking my mobile phone. During the day I’d be engaged in meetings and after work, I’d be at networking events or public speaking classes. 

When you’re single and your family are relatively chilled out, you don’t have to always be on your phone or feel obligated to keep anyone posted with hour-to-hour updates.

But human connection is important, I realised this in lockdown now more than ever. So I’m prioritising those closest to my heart and working on checking in on my loved ones. 

Goal No. 5: You remembered God, keep remembering Him.

“So remember Me; I will remember you” – Al Baqarah (2:152)

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