I tried The Ordinary’s sold out foundation…here’s how that went

Remember when Colourpop first started shipping to the UK and there was a ubiquitous feeling of “Oh yes, take me to the makeup, I’m ready to buy the makeup!”? I kind of feel like ‘The Ordinary’ are evoking the same sort of response from us British make-up lovers, except with skincare.

Having first launched in the UK in April of last year, demand for ‘The Ordinary’ products went through the roof. Indeed in that first month alone of it having been launched, demand for one of its bestsellers, ‘The Ordinary Foundation’ was evident in its 22,000 wait-list.

I finally got my hands on their foundation; they have two – the ‘High-Coverage Foundation Formula’ and their ‘Serum Foundation’. I typically tend to use high coverage foundations, so I opted for this one (in which I am the shade 2.1p).


While I’ve had the foundation in my possession for about two months now, I think in total, I’ve only used it about three times. The first two times I tried to convince myself that I’d somehow applied it wrong because there was no way that this foundation was going to work for everyone else and yet make me look like a horrible, cakey mess, right?


I tried it for the third and final time yesterday and *drumroll please*… I looked like shit. And I assure you, it’s not my face (come on now), it’s the foundation.

In terms of the colour match, I’m content. 2.1p is a pretty good match for my skin tone. In terms of its claim as being ‘High-Coverage’, I think that’s a bit far-fetched. At best, it’s a medium-coverage foundation; (it does sit on the face all day when set with M.A.C’s Fix Plus).

Some pros are that:

  • It’s affordable – you’re getting 1 oz for just under £6,
  • The brand has a great range, offering 21 shades which range from pale to deep and;
  • It offers SPF

But it certainly isn’t the first foundation that I’d reach out for, just because of the fact that it looks REALLY, REALLY cakey on my face. My skin type is normal; it isn’t oily, neither is it dry, but goddamn does this foundation make my skin look drier than the Sahara Desert.

A lot of people liked the foundation, but for me, (and maybe I’m the anomaly here), I just really did not. A definite selling point is it’s affordability – retailing at just £5.75, it’s cheap as chips. But given that it makes you look extremely cakey, essentially, ya get what you pay for.

I’d say, steer clear.

This drugstore foundation which sits on your face, in all its cakey glory, gets a no from me. I won’t be repurchasing, I don’t understand the hype and I’ll most definitely be sticking to my Estee Lauder and Huda Beauty foundations instead.  

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