By now, fellow make-up lovers will most definitely have heard about Colourpop, a cosmetic brand which has been raved about on every single social media platform that there is. Unfortunately for us Brits, Colourpop only ship within the States…that is until recently, when they announced their international shipping!

As a Brit who loves her make-up, I think I have well and truly exhausted the beauty brands which are sold in the UK. So when I heard that Colourpop would be shipping internationally, I was really, really excited to try something new. I’m not going to lie, up until then, I had pored over Instagram and the internet in general, looking for some way of getting Colourpop to the UK. So of course, when the brand announced their intentional shipping, it seemed nothing short of an absolute godsend.

More than that, I think it was only a few weeks after they had announced international shipping, that they offered free shipping. Acutely aware of the fact that I already had a very large collection of liquid lipsticks, but fuelled on by my love for them, I eventually settled on just four lipsticks. They were: ‘Tulle’, ‘Chi’, ‘Frick N’ Frack’ and of course, the most sought after ‘Beeper’.

  Here’s a review of each shade:


While ‘Tulle’ appears red in the picture, in person, on my lips, this shade appears a very dark purple, almost ‘beetroot’-ish colour. When it comes to lipsticks, I quite like my nude colours and tend to stay away from dark, more ‘out there’ colours, so this made a nice change. I have to say, of the four that I purchased, this is my second favourite – I LOVEEE this colour as it’s perfect for the winter months!



‘Chi’ is certainly different in colour to any other liquid lipstick that I have. It’s a nude colour which I wasn’t particularly sure would be flattering against my tanned skin. I’m not entirely sure that I like it on my lips by itself as I feel like it completely washes me out, but I’m optimistic that I can make this work with another lipstick and/or lipliner.

‘Frick N’ Frack’


Of the four, this was the shade that I liked the least. In my opinion, ‘Frick N’ Frack’ is just your average terracotta shade. It was the smoothest in application of the four and was also definitely the creamiest.



Beeper is my absolute favourite and is the shade that I reach out for the most often! In fact, I wish I had ordered more of this shade at the time. It comes out as a muted mauve colour on my lips but has a somewhat greyish undertone. I adore ‘Beeper’.

I’ve also received a lot of questions in my DM’s regarding the cost of these liquid lipsticks. So listed below is a breakdown of the price, together with how long my package took to be delivered.

Delivery and Costs

I ordered my package on the 22/09/16 and received confirmation from Colourpop that my package was ready for shipping on 26/09/16. I was provided with a tracking number which proved very useful as I could see where my package was. I was also informed that orders outside of the US take 7-21 business days to be delivered. I was therefore very pleasantly surprised to find that my package arrived in the UK on 29/09/16. Luckily, I did not incur any customs fees, however I did have to pay a Royal Mail International Handling Fee of £8.00 with vat of £3.62 totalling to £11.62.

The ultra matte lipsticks cost me $6 each, which equates to roughly £4.80. As I bought four of these lipsticks, this totalled to $24 (approx. £19.20) but I used a $5 off coupon voucher for first time buyers which meant that the four lipsticks with the discount totalled $19 (approx. £15.18).

Would I buy from Colourpop again?

Most certainly. Colourpop have an immense range of different shades to choose from meaning that there is definitely a shade for every skin tone. And at just $6 each, I think these are one of the most affordable liquid lipsticks out there. In terms of quality, they’re great, they apply smoothly but are quite drying. If you’re used to the creaminess of lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury, for example, you might find that these lipsticks are way too drying. Oddly enough, I personally love dry matte lipsticks, so these lipsticks are great for me. I can’t wait to order from Colourpop again and am looking forward to trying their highlighters.


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